La Guerre French - Front

La Guerre French - Front


A very nicely stamped postcard, with the upside down figure, symbol of France, if the the "language" of stamp positioning holds in this case, asking "Do you remember me?"

The photograph is also exceptional, with its details of the men's kits, the soldier in boots striding out of the congestion.

Verso, Translation of original French message thanks to Luce Neidert

Dear Mommy [,] dear Camille January 18, 1918

I meant to write to you yesterday evening but I had to go and serve dinner at Mrs. Pipnot's [.] I didn't get home until 11 p.m. with Mr. and Mrs. [.] It was high time to go to bed [.] I'm a little less bored than 8 days ago [.] I have received news from George the evening when mine was sent and tonight I have received one from the 18th [.] On the stamp, it's written 16th [,] It only takes 2 days [.] I think you've received some too [.] He's in good [last word/s is/are missing]

News when you have the time.

[Original French]

Chère maman [,] chère Camille 18 janvier 1918

je [sic Je] devais vous écrire hier soir mais il a fallu que j'aille servir le dîner chez Mes Pipnot [.] je [sic Je] ne suis rentrée qu'à 11h avec Mr et Mme [.] il [sic Il] était bien temps d'aller au lit [.] je [sic Je] m'ennuie un peu moins que voilà 8 jours [.] j'ai [sic J’ai] reçu des nouvelles de Georges le soir que ma lettre est partie et ce soir j'en ai reçu du 18 [.] sur [sic Sur] le cachet il y a 16 [,] elle [Elle] ne met que 2 jours [.] je [sic Je] pense que vous en avez reçu aussi [.] il [sic Il] est en bonne [la suite manque]

Des nouvelles quand vous avez le temps.