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Asia Butterflies

Asia Butterflies
  1. Symphera Nais. India.
  2. Ixias latifasciata. India and South China.
  3. Zephyrus dums. Sikkim.
  4. 4. Eramia pulchella. Assam.

[Original caption] Butterflies and Moths pass through three very distinct stages before they attain the perfect form viz.: 1. The

Chitpore Road, Calcutta

Chitpore Road, Calcutta

One of Tuck's very first Kolkata postcards, before they put explanatory captions on the back.

Chitpur (Chitpore) owes its name to goddess Chiteswari whose temple was destroyed during the earthquake of 1737. Chitpur road, one of Kolkata's oldest roads


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