Podcast: I am a Human Postcard

Tom Jackson, popular author and host of the British podcast series Podcast from the Past, hosts Dr. Stephen Hughes (Senior Lecturer in Anthropology, SOAS, London) and collector of Indian postcards, and Omar Khan, for a wide-ranging discussion of history, postcards, favorite postcards from each and more. Dr. Hughes discusses his collecting, the recent exhibition he co-curated at SOAS, From Madras to Bangalore, and one of the earliest postcards of a cinema in India. Omar discusses the role of Vienna in early India postcards, the journey a postcard object would make before getting to its destination, and some of his favorite postcards, including Dhurandhar's Gardener Mali (above) and Tuck's Wazir Khan's Mosque, Lahore. With a lot of interjections and postcard tidbits.

Listen to I am a Human Postcard, first published April 3, 2019, 52 minutes.