Globetrotters Early Postcards from the Indian Subcontinent Exhibition in Delhi

The Delhi exhibition based on Paper Jewels opened at Art Heritage on October 17th and ran through November 17th, 2018. It charted the aesthetics and circulation of postcards from the 1890s to 1947, spread over major metropolitan cities across the subcontinent foregrounding the associated themes of urbanism, popular culture, industrialisation, tourism and conflict, concluding with samples from the freedom movement. It includes a number of images not see in the earlier Mumbai Paper Jewels exhibition.

As the reviews suggest, the exhibition was very well-received. Visitor comments included: "Gorgeous, dream-like feel. Time frozen in frames. What a joy. Thank-you Alkazi!"; "So beautiful, was enlightened"; "We are overwhelmed. We came in a group. Excellent. An eye-opener"; and "Nothing like we'ever seen before. Thank-you for this amazing effort."